What our graduates say:


I have previously studied Ayurveda with another Organisation. After the course, I was left feeling with little skill, both practically and in theory and to even think about putting into practice what I was taught would have just been impossible and unfair to any client. I have been nothing but impressed and happy with my decision to re-do the entire Ayurveda course with AIAS. The course content is huge and taught in a professional Ayurvedic manner… trust only a well-trained Ayurvedic Doctor who teaches with grace.          

  Scott A  


As a student, every class with Dr. Ajit was a profound experience in which the ancient principles of Ayurveda were clearly explained explain and practically applied. Drawing on the depth of over three decades of clinical practice, Dr. Ajit selflessly shares with his students a comprehensive understanding of Ayurvedic science. The classes are not only educational but deeply transforming….. It is rare to find such a course that is as scientific as it is inspirational, where even the most complex theory becomes a key to true balance and wellbeing. If you are interested in learning authentic Ayurveda from a gifted teacher and physician, if you wish to experience profound  and  vibrant  wellness  and then to help others do the same, if you truly wish to make a  difference  to others  and  to society,  then this is the right  course for you.                                               

Rebecca B.


Doctor Ajit has taken me to a depth in my Ayurvedic learning that I thought was phenomenal and inspired a lot of confidence in me being able to put what I learnt into practice. It certainly was a lot more than I experienced in my preview encounter with Ayurveda (with another Ayurveda school).



I have enjoyed the Ayurvedic massage class. It’s really beautiful and so beneficial for our health. I have felt that in class, I was in a family where all are treated as family members. It was a really wonderful environment. Thanks for your effort and support.                     

Manju V.


I love this course and have shared it on my Facebook page. I just wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful course (although I still have heaps to learn from Dr Ajit) and for the truly wonderful and inspiring teacher that Dr Ajit is. He has made me a better person, I truly believe. Most importantly, what he is teaching works!                                         

Martin P.



Dearest Dr. Ajit, Thank you so much for your dedication and passion towards teaching the sacred and essential science of Ayurveda. I highly respect and appreciate your view and approach with Ayurveda and the relevant way that you apply it in the western and modern world. Your generosity and energy towards teaching has provided me with knowledge that I will hold onto and share with the world. !!

Dylan S.

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