Director’s Message

Director, Dr. S. Ajit (B.A.M.S., P.C.A.S.)

 Choosing the right destination for studying Ayurveda is your first and most important decision. You need to trust that the Institution through which you intend studying will provide you with the knowledge, skills and personal qualities and abilities that are necessary to achieve your goals.

This knowledge has to be consistent in this case with:

 The traditional subjects, methods and objectives of Ayurveda

 Nationally recognised training competencies in Australia, so that you receive a qualification allowing you to practice Ayurveda professionally.

The Australasian Institute of Ayurvedic Studies is aware of this responsibility and seeks to honour the trust displayed by its students. It is the goal of this Institute to support every student so they can reach their full potential,

Our determination is to provide an environment where strong ethics are promoted and self-confidence, responsibility and positive relationships are all encouraged,

I sincerely hope that as a prospective student, you will enjoy browsing through the various facilities, which have been created here and hope that you find us worthy of your trust.

I wish you success in your undertaking, because this course of study is indeed a journey, through which you will emerge as a representative of the science of Ayurveda, as a changed person, equipped with skills beyond what you now consider possible.

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